Teaching involvement in higher current education


  • María Inés Ruiz Garay




Often we talk about the effects of globalization on social determinants. The great nations of the world come together to make the best decisions to continue life on the planet, being that educational institutions must take awareness of the role that concerns them and transcend to their graduates social responsibility and ethics that concerns them as citizens, able to work at different levels of complexity to address the individual and collective health, respecting differences: social, cultural, ethnic, among others, caused by the phenomenon of the global village, which brings changes in the health of populations most vulnerable, translated into the reemergence of diseases and other emergency that still cannot be controlled; with changes in the epidemiological board, reaching the top: chronic diseases, influenced by unhealthy life styles of the same system takes to adopt, depending on demands of performance and speed of modern times, in which the market work requires a highly skilled labor, but at the same time very cheap and deeping the exploitative and discriminatory the same character.


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