Some words about being a nurse and the future of nursing

  • Ana Cristina de Sá


In the last few years, I was wondering a lot about the meaning of being a nurse and doing Nursing, it seems clear to me that the nurse’s look is that of a health professional and not of illness. It means that I look at the individual/family/community that will be the target of care, and see this individual/family/community as a psycho-social, cultural and spiritual whole besides the biological. I look forward to understand this individual, its aspirations, how it adapts or not itself to the internal conditions and those of its environment, and how I can be a facilitator in such dimensions, so that its adaptation reaches the greatest health and self-care potential as possible. However, I still notice the existence of people, who holds the title of nurses, and they wear the professional of the disease in their eyes, those who fits the being/ family/community within a moan or in a specific organ and who considers the psychosocial- Spiritual as an "entertainment" and absolutely secondary component to be treated. This way of thinking -to create- is diametrically opposed to the philosophical sense of Nursing because of its priorities and because this is part of an essential profession for the future of humanity.

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