Jhony A. De La Cruz-Vargas1,a,b,c, Elio Iván Rodríguez Chávez2

1 Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Biomédicas (INICIB), Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima-Perú.
2 Dean of Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima-Perú.
a Doctor in Medicine.
b Specialist in Medical Oncology.
c Master in Clinical Research.

One of the essential functions of the university is to promote, support and strengthen research, as a source to generate new knowledge and as a scientific tool in search of practical solutions to everyday problems in society. The Universidad Ricardo Palma, represented by their dean as its highest authority, offers the university’s academic framework and the institution’s policies will in order to move forward in research policies.(1)

Research is a fundamental component of the undergraduate and graduate professional training in higher learning institutions. Universidad Ricardo Palma, according to its vision and mission, created the Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias Biomedicas in 2008 and later in 2012 URP founded the Vice-Rectorate for Research.

Many undergraduate students in universities in Peru, specifically medical schools, are interested in building research skills, since they can contribute to the success in their professional career, as well as their aspirations of being admitted to medical residencies and specialties.

In 2015, the Facultad de Medicina Humana in Universidad Ricardo Palma launched the first Workshop Course for Degree Dissertations, which proved to be an effective instrument in contributing to the production of the undergraduate dissertation.

The undergraduate dissertation is an academic work with scientific rigor, considered as the first serious step of university students in the research field, in addition to being an indispensable requirement to obtain the professional degree as a medical surgeon. This is established by the current Peruvian regulations, with the University Law N° 30220 and the Statute of the Universidad Ricardo Palma in accordance with that law since 2015. Prior to this university law, the form of certification in most medical schools in Peru was through knowledge exams.

In table 1, we demonstrate some of the most important achievements of INICIB in the last 6 years.

Table 1. 10 most important achievements of INICIB.

10 most important achievements of INICIB
1. Definition and implementation of research priorities in the Facultad de Medicina Humana, URP.
2. Progressive growth in the fundamental mass of incorporated researchers of INICIB, registered at RENACYT-CONCYTEC.
3. Sustained growth of the scientific production in Scielo, Scopus and WOS.
4. National and international organization of scientific events.
5. Development and publication of research projects per year.
6. Scientific journal “Revista de la Facultad de Medicina Humana”, indexed in Scielo and in 11 international bases.
7. Collection and management of competitive funds nationally (FONDECYT-CONCYTEC) and internationally (PAMS).
8. Creation of the First Chair of Lifestyle Medicine in Universidad Ricardo Palma, with educational and research areas.
9. Participation in research networks at a national and international level.
10. Strengthening the seeds of investigation, incorporating young researchers and students in the research projects.

From 2015 to 2021, we have successfully completed seven courses for degree dissertation, with an average annual production of 150 sustained and approved dissertations. We have been working and supporting the medical student scientific group, called Sociedad de Estudiantes de Medicina de la Universidad Ricardo Palma (SOCEMURP), who continue representing and winning research awards against scientific societies of medical students in Peru.

From 2016 to 2020, 11 international indexing has been reached with the Revista de la Facultad de Medicina Humana.

We went from 2 researchers registered in CONCYTEC in 2015, to having 16 researchers registered in RENACYT-CONCYTEC in 2020.

The external scientific production of the Universidad Ricardo Palma, increases significantly from 2016 with 35 publications in SCOPUS to over 80 publications in 2020.

SINEACE-SUNEDU 2020, in the event directed to licensed universities, selected three research Works from INICIB for publication under memories of the event and was chosen for an oral presentation of the experience of International Course on Lifestyle Medicine during the pandemic.(2)

The INICIB researchers participated in the convocations of competitive funds and won:

  1. Cancer research work: CONCYTEC: 2018
  2. First National Congress in University Research: CONCYTEC-2019
  3. PAMS International Contest 2019: Pneumonia work.
  4. COVID-19 Project: CONCYTEC 2020
  5. Multiple projects financed by URP.
  6. Collaborative projects with other organizations.

Among the external collaborations, er were invited to participate as reviewer and presenter of the book: “Libro del Centro Nacional de Prevención y Control y Enfermedades del Ministerio de Salud: ASIS DEL CÁNCER 2018”.

We were appointed as professor Board Member, doctorate in Oncology and Research from the University of Palermo. I was invited to participate as chapter autor: Gastric cáncer from the book “PRACTICAL MEDICAL ONCOLOGY TEXT BOOK”, edited by Professor Dr. Antonio Russo from the University of Palermo.(3)

We were working in collaboration with the University of Fresno, California, in public health topics. We have promoted the Univeristy consortium of Lifestyle medicine with over 10 universities in Latin America. We form part of the Iberoamerican Network of Research Academic Integrity. We count on the participation and presentation of reserach Works in national and international events.(4)

Joining efforts, integrating determination, promoting reserach and supporting scientific production initiatives in the university is everyone’s task.

Correspondence: Jhony A. De La Cruz-Vargas.
Address: INICIB, Facultad de Medicina Humana, Edificio I-208. 2do piso. Avenida Benavides 5440, Surco, Lima-Perú.
Telephone number: 708-0000 / Anexo: 6016


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