Validation of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) in human medicine interns at a reference university in Peru during the COVID-19 pandemic

Validación del cuestionario sobre la salud del paciente–9 (PHQ-9) en internos de medicina humana de una universidad de referencia del Perú durante la pandemia COVID-19




Validation study, Students, Medical, Depression, Factor analysis, Statistical


Objectives: Validate a questionnaire to establish the perception of difficulties in the development of research projects in the students of the research area of ​​the Faculty of Human Medicine of the Peruvian University Los Andes.

Methods: Validation study of a questionnaire designed and based on a Likert scale applied to the students of the subjects of Research process, Thesis seminar I and Thesis seminar II with stratified random probability sampling, content validity analysis and construct by expert judgment and statistical analysis of reliability with Cronbach's alpha.

Results: The sample consisted of 85 students who agreed to be part of the study, of which 64,70% belonged to the female gender with an average age of 23 ± 5 years, subject of thesis seminar I 36,47%, Process research 34,12%, thesis seminar II 29,41%; 64,71% expressed difficulties in preparing the research project in formulating the theoretical framework and methodology, 62,35% in writing the bibliography and annexes, 61,18% in posing the problem and formulating hypotheses, in definition of the title 58,82% and in preparation of the administration of the project plan 47,06%. Cronbach's alpha reliability was 0,969.

Conclusions: The questionnaire is reliable and valid, it has high internal consistency and valid criteria.


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