Values in social responsibility in higher education

Escuela de Enfermería Padre Luis Tezza afiliada a la Universidad Ricardo Palma

  • María Inés Ruiz Garay Escuela de Enfermería Padre Luis Tezza


At present, society that is immersed in a maelstrom of changes in all areas, demanding new adaptations to the human group to constitute links that build the development of the population and people in a particular way requires appreciation of the importance of higher education as the foundation of a more prosperous, just and supportive society. Tünnermann1 points out that higher education in this century demands flexibility in its "doing" and "doing", reforming its structures and working methods and integrating a prospective vision where imagination and creativity - inspired by solidarity, equity and respect for the environment - be the basis of the learning process of the people; a process that would facilitate access to the globalized world of work and, as an active member, to reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2030, which are proposals for the great problems facing the population in this age, especially Latin America and El Salvador. Caribbean


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