Genetic Biomonitoring in Workers of the Radiology Service of National Police Hospital Luis N. Sáenz

Biomonitoreo Genético en Trabajadores del Servicio de Radiología del Hospital Nacional Policial Luis N. Sáenz




Genotoxic, Exposure, X-ray, Comet test, Occupational health


Objective: To evaluate the genotoxic effect on workers exposed to X-rays in the Radiology Service of the Luis N. Sáenz National Hospital PNP. Materials and methods. The type of study was observational, prospective, cross-sectional, analytical, using the comet assay as an analysis technique. The study population was 20 workers exposed to X-rays and 20 people without exposure. Results The mean length of migration of damaged DNA in the control group was 1.28 ± 0.38 µm and 10.39 ± 9.44 µm for the exposed group, the means of the groups were compared, obtaining p = 0.001 significant. The correlation analysis for DNA damage, years of exposure and dose received, a significant correlation was found (p <0.05). For the correlation of DNA damage with age, no statistical significance was found (p> 0.05). Conclusions X-rays at low permissible doses can cause damage to DNA integrity, correlating with the first years of exposure of personnel working in the radiology service. Keywords: Genotoxic, exposure, X-ray, comet test.


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