Presentation of the technical document: Analysis of the situation of Cancer in Peru 2018

Presentación del documento técnico “Análisis de la situación del cáncer en el Perú, 2018”




The design and planning of prevention and control interventions as well as the evaluation of interventions already implemented require a situational analysis based on various systems and sources of information that allow directing and prioritizing resources to the most vulnerable and / or disadvantaged populations. Health situation analyzes constitute a powerful tool for the identification of needs and priorities, being essential for the construction of health policies. On December 27, 2019, the National Center for Epidemiology, Disease Prevention and Control presented in the Paraninfo of the Ministry of Health the "Analysis of the situation of cancer in Peru, 2018". This technical document seeks to contribute based on the analysis of data from various sources of information to the design of cancer prevention and control interventions in the country, particularly in the formulation of the National Plan for Comprehensive Cancer Care 2020-2024 which represents the continuation of the Hope Plan.


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