Congenital malformation of the pulmonary airway (MCVAP), Case Report

Malformación congénita de la vía aérea pulmonar (MCVAP), Reporte de Caso




Pulmonary disease, congenital anomalies, cysts, pneumonia, hospitalized child


Pulmonary malformations include different abnormalities of the respiratory system, including congenital pulmonary airway malformation (MCVAP), formerly known as cystic adenomatous malformation, which is a rare disease with an incidence of 1 in 8,300 to 35,000 live births. Five classification patterns have been described according to the number and size of the cyst, in addition to their histological characteristics, with type 1 MCVAP being the most frequent, showing displacement of adjacent structures according to size, associated with brochioalveolar carcinoma, and good prognosis after resection surgical. We present the case of a four-year-old female patient with recurrent hospitalizations for pneumonia and bronchial obstructive syndrome. The thorough anamnesis and physical examination supplemented with the chest x-ray and tomography allowed the diagnosis to be suspected. Later, the patient underwent surgery, there were no complications and the respiratory symptoms disappeared. The histopathological study confirmed the diagnosis.


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