The Journal of the Faculty of Human Medicine of the Ricardo Palma University (Rev. Fac. Med. Hum.), Is the body of scientific dissemination of this faculty and is a publication for the university medical community as a whole; students, graduates, academics, researchers and national and international institutions. It covers current issues, with original and unpublished articles, related to the various specialties of the Biomedical and Public Health area.
The Journal of the Faculty of Human Medicine of the Ricardo Palma University (Rev. Fac. Med. Hum.), Adheres to the norms and recommendations of the ICJME.

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The Rev. Fac. Med. Hum. uses the external pair arbitration system. The number of reviewers and specialty depends on the type of article, only those articles are published with favorable evaluations and that have solved the sent observations.

This is an Open Access magazine under the CC BY-NC-ND license


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