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Adaptation and validation of a questionnaire to measure academic burnout in medical university students
Lucy E. Correa-López, Joan A. Loayza-Castro, Mariela Vargas, Manuel O. Huamán, Luís Roldán-Arbieto, and Miguel Perez

The hospital triage in emergency services
Rolando Vásquez-Alva, Consuelo Luna-Muñoz, and Cleto M. Ramos-Garay

Anxiety level of first-year medical students from a private university in Peru in times of Covid-19
María M. Saravia Bartra, Patrick Cazoria Saravia, and Lucy Cedillo Ramírez

The revolution of robotic surgery in latin america and the future implementation in the healthcare system of Peru
Jorge A. Cornejo-Aguilar, José Cornejo, Mariela Vargas, and Raul Sebastian

Surgical complications in pediatric patients with complicated acute appendicitis in open and laparoscopic surgeries in a national referral center
Carolina Paz Soldán Mesta, H. González Fernández, and C. Paz-Soldán Oblitas

Nursing care for the management of the patient diagnosed with COVID19 in the hospitalization area
Geraldine Almanza Rodríguez

The research: beyond the ranking of the universities
Jhony Alberto De La Cruz Vargas and Elio Iván Rodríguez Chávez

Impact of COVID-19 on the education of medical students in Peru
Elizabeth Pizán Campos, Shamir Barros Sevillano, and Irma Yupari Azabache

Risk factors associated with nosocomial pneumonia in adult patients
Gonzalo Huaman - Junco

Importance of genetics as a science in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic
E. Eduardo Sánchez Castro and Cecilia Pajuelo Reyes

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