Official organ of the Faculty of Human Medicine of the Ricardo Palma University
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  ISSN Online version: 2308 – 0531

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  Volumen 19 No.1 January-March 2019


      Prof. Dr. Jhony A. De La Cruz Vargas
    Director and General Editor 
  Director of the Research Institute in Biomedical Sciences, URP. Lima - Peru.
Doctorate in medicine
Master's Degree in Clinical Research and Specialist in Medical Oncology
Researcher at the Faculty of Human Medicine, URP
Coordinator Peruvian Regional Chapter-European Association of Science Editors
                    President Latin American Lifestyle Medicine Association

Prof. Dra. Maria del Socorro Alatrista Gutierrez Vda de Bambaren

Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine, URP. Lima Peru.
Doctor in medicine
    Master of Health Administration
      Specialist in General Surgery

           Prof. Dra. Consuelo del Rocío Luna Muñoz
    Associate Editor
  Doctor in Public Health
      Specialist in Pediatrics
      Pediatric Emergency Service
    National Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati Martins, EsSALUD. Lima Peru.



Prof. Nícanor Domínguez Navarrete
Medical Clinical Pathologist
Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru

Prof. Brady Beltrán Gárate
Radiation Therapy and Medical Oncology Department
Edgardo Rebagliati Hospital, Lima, Peru

Dr. Menandro Ortiz Pretel
Academic secretary
Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru

Mg. Magdiel José Manuel Gonzales Menéndez
General Surgeon
Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru

Mg. Lucy E. Correa López
MBA, Research Professor
Faculty of Human Medicine-URP. Lima Peru.

Prof. Luis Jesús Díaz Díaz
Hipólito Unanue National Hospital, Lima, Peru
Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru


Prof. Dr. Horacio Astudillo de la Vega
Molecular Oncology Laboratory, Oncology Hospital
CMN Siglo XXI, IMSS, México

Prof. Yik Hong Ho
Discipline of Surgery and Gastroenterology
James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

Prof. Georgious Tsulfas
Professor of Surgery
Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, Grecia

Prof. Mark D. Duncan
Head of Oncological Surgery
Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA

Prof. Christopher Chen
Director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine
Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, China

Prof. Iván Cecconello
Director of the Surgical Clinical Division II
Hospital das Clinicas da Facultade de Medicina da
Universidade, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Prof. Flavio Roberto Takeda
Institute of Cancer of the State of Sao Paulo
Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina da
Universidade, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Prof. Miguel Perez
Professor of Public Health
California State University, Fresno, USA

Prof. Carlos Ballesta López
Director of the Laparoscopic Center
Hospital Quirón Teknon, Spain

   Translation Assistant
        Dr. Sussan Llocclla Delgado



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