Medicina de estilo de vida: una respuesta a la pandemia de diabetes tipo 2?

Lifestyle medicine: an answer to type 2 diabetes pandemics?


  • Lujohn G. Flórez G.
  • Jhony A. De La Cruz-Vargas


Abstract   We need to change the approach in regards to the prevention and treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type 2. Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease that impacts almost all aspects of the life of the sufferer and that imposes a great economic burden on individuals, families and national health systems. The way in which the incidence of diabetes is increasing more and more worldwide, especially in developing countries, is a matter of concern, in direct relation to the obesity epidemic and the westernization of lifestyle, reason why it has been cataloged within the diseases of lifestyle.   This pandemic of diabetes has produced dramatic figures such as the fact that every 6 seconds a person dies as a result of diabetes; is the leading cause of permanent blindness, non-traumatic amputations and terminal kidney failure in the Western world, in addition to its attention that takes at least 12% of global health expenditure.It is one of the main causes of years lived with disability and of years lost due to premature death, reaching the first place as a cause of death in Mexico having displaced coronary disease.It is also noteworthy that of the 415 million people currently living with diabetes in the world, 45% have not been diagnosed1, therefore, they are exposed to a very high risk of developing chronic complications before receiving care, which attentively against the quality of life, productivity and economic development. To all the above is added the fact that the prevalence of prediabetes is very high, so it is expected that there will be an increase of 54% in the number of people with DM in the next 20 years.   DOI:


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2018-01-31 — Updated on 2022-05-06