Surgical repair of sternum chondrosarcoma in a 58-year-old male patient: Case Report

Condrosarcoma de esternón en paciente masculino de 58 años: reporte de caso

Keywords: Chondrosarcoma, Sternotomy, Bone neoplasms, Thoracic surgery


Chondrosarcoma specifically of the sternum is a infrecuent malignant neoplasm,
It occurs mostly in adults over 50 years old. We analyze the case of a conventional chondrosarcoma (grade 1) at the level of the xiphoid appendix probably metastatic to liver. Grade 1 chondrosarcoma is the most frequent within the heterogeneous group of tumors that fall into this classification. But nevertheless it have a more frequent presentation in the pelvic region in long bones of the appendicular skeleton and in the costal region. The fact of present in the sternal region compromises the constitution of nearby bodies. Because radiotherapy and chemotherapy have a scarce therapeutic effect proceeded with the surgical intervention where wide resection of sternal chondrosarcoma was performed and liver metastasectomy, subsequently rebuilt the chest wall using titanium plates and a microsurgical right dorsal muscle flap right. The final result was favorable


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Author Biographies

Angel Rivera Doroteo, Facultad de medicina UABJO
Student at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery UABJO
Pablo Aldahir Montalvo Ramirez, Facultad de medicina UABJO
Student of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery UABJO