Precision medicine: the future of medicine

Medicina de precisión: el futuro de la medicina



The sequencing of the human genome back in 2001 generated the greatest health knowledge
revolution of the 21st century, thanks to this event today we can clearly know how biological
systems work. On the other hand, the implementation of diagnostic platforms increasingly
sophisticated and sensitive that added to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, in the
last 18 years, have generated a paradigm shift called: Precision Medicine, a situation that makes it
increasingly distant to think in a medicine such as the one practiced today, based on trial and
error, where the objective is a diagnosis and treatment directed against the symptomatology.
In that order of ideas, imagine that at this moment a medical colleague, is treating one of his
patients and to diagnose it has requested a series of support tools such as images or clinical
analysis, complying with a Clinical Practice Guide that joins his experience will take you (if
necessary) to design and prescribe a symptomatic and modifying treatment, seeking that the
drugs interact with a specific objective in the biological network underlying the disease, directly or
indirectly impacting the progression of the disease and the person; up there all right, to this we
call "conventional therapy", a practice accepted and validated by our health system.


DOI: 10.25176/RFMH.v18.n2.1279


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