Myelopathy associated with HTLV-1 in a patient with chronic renal insufficiency. report of a case

Mielopatía asociada a HTLV-1 en una paciente con insuficiencia renal crónica, reporte de un caso


  • Víctor Hugo Meneses-Liendo


Myelopathy, HTLV-1, Chronic renal failure


A case of human T-cell lymphotrophic virus type I (HTLV-1)-associated myelopathy (HAM) occurring in a 60-year-old Peruvian female with a history of hemodialysis due to chronic renal failure (CRF) is reported. The patient was a lifelong resident of Lima, Peru, an endemic area for HTLV-1 infections1,2,3. The clinical course was characterized by abrupt onset and rapid progression of neurological signs and symptoms: paraparesia end neurogenic bladder. There are reports in Latin America with similar prevalence with B and C hepatitis on hemodialysis group4,5,6. There are no reports in Peru, also no screening in kidney transplantation (receptor and donors). Key words: Myelopathy; HTLV-1; Chronic renal failure. (source: MeSH NLM)


DOI: 10.25176/RFMH.v18.n2.1292



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