Pseudomembranosa colitis. anatomopathological approach: A purpose of a case

Colitis pseudomembranosa enfoque anatomopatológico: A propósito de un caso

  • Eugenio Palomino-Portilla
  • María Medrano-Huallanca
  • Eliana Torres-Rosas
  • Karen Torres-Vilela
  • Mariela Ugarte-Cutipa
Keywords: Pseudomembranous, Colitis, Clostridium, Difficile


Pseudomembranous colitis is a serious digestive disease that develops in a context clinical-epidemiological quite predictable and most of the time, fatal. We present the case of a Elderly patient suffering left hip fracture, enters the hospital center and develops infection urinary, receiving broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy. Progressively, complications are installed respiratory, digestive and septic, being operated surgically to correct a clinical picture of intestinal obstruction, performing a sigmoidectomy. The macro and microscopic findings corresponded to a typical pseudomebranous colitis. The patient dies five days after the surgery. The entity is reviewed, with emphasis on the pathological findings, in order to make diagnoses safer and faster in future cases.



DOI 10.25176/RFMH.v18.n4.1739


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