Factors associated with tobacco consumption in university students of Lima metropolitan

Factores asociados al consumo de tabaco en estudiantes universitarios de Lima metropolitana.





Consumption of Tobacco, university students, parental background


Introduction: The consumption of tobacco is very harmful to people’s health. According to WHO, smoking is the cause of death of 8 million people a year. Objetive: The purpose of the research was to determine the factors associated with the consumption of tobacco in university students in Metropolitan Lima. Methods: The sample consisted of 447 students from Lima universities, the survey was applied: Fagerstrom test. Subsequently the data was analyzed using tables of: distribution, frequency, contingency.  Results: It was evidenced through the X2 statistical test that there is a significant association between the variables sex and smoking habit, OR = 1.93, IC 95%[1.29-6,519]. It was also observed that having smoking parents is significantly associated with the habit of smoking by the children, with a value p =0,000 of X2 and the OR 3.31, IC 95%[2,145 - 5,116]. Conclusion: The variables sex and parental background have a significant association with tobacco consumption, emphasizing that our family environment deserves to be safe, healthy and free of tobacco smoke


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