Nursing care for the management of the patient diagnosed with COVID19 in the hospitalization area

Cuidados de enfermería frente al manejo del paciente diagnosticado con COVID19 en el área de hospitalización




Objective: To compile the information for the management of the patient who is hospitalized by COVID19 to establish concrete and effective nursing care actions that allow the objectives of nursing care to be conducted, as well as its results. Method: Documentary review of the evidence regarding nursing management and isolation guidelines for patients with COVID19 in the hospitalization service, determining the main isolation and protection measures for health workers. Conclusions: The constant updating allows nursing professionals and the health team to articulate guidelines that allow establishing concrete care actions for patients hospitalized by COVID19, as well as strengthening the isolation and care measures of the interdisciplinary team to reduce the risk of infection. and spread. Key words: Hospitalization, isolation, COVID19, nursing.


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