Electrospinning: Advances and applications in the field of biomedicine

Electrospinning: Avances y aplicaciones en el campo de la biomedicina





Nanofiber production in scaffolds using electrospinning technology encompasses many physical and chemical parameters that have been studied and have not yet been fully elucidated. Both the use of natural polymers, which due to their characteristics have a higher affinity and a greater biocompatibility with cellular processes, as well as a biomimetization similar to the structure of the body's natural cellular matrix; however, the lack of control over some of its physical characteristics directly affects the biological characteristics of the cell. On the other hand, the use of synthetic polymers allows us to control physical characteristics, but this affects the development of cells. For this reason, this article presents a brief review of scientific articles about Electrospinning and the most used materials for obtaining scaffolds in the field of biomedicine.


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