Pediatric diseases more frequently: a peruvian perspective

Enfermedades pediátricas con mayor frecuencia: una perspectiva peruana




Dear Editor

We have read with great interest the article "Pediatric diseases with greater frequency in an international airport in Mexico" by Figueroa-Uribe A, et. al. where they show us the most registered diseases in medical attention in the emergency medical service of an international airport in Mexico. (1) When analyzing the data shown, we realize that it is possible to compare the results shown in their study in the Peruvian territory, since there is evidence from the Dirección de Epidemiología of the Dirección Regional de Salud (DIRESA) - Amazonas(2) which mentions a high prevalence of respiratory and digestive diseases, which are considered, as in the study conducted at the Mexican airport, to be more frequent.


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