Characteristics related to lifestyle in elderly patients in a Health Center of the Andes in Peru

Características coligadas al estilo de vida en pacientes adultos mayores en un Centro de Salud de los Andes en el Perú

Keywords: Lifestyle, elderly, rural health services


Introduction: A correct lifestyle is vital in older adults to reduce their risk of diseases and loss of functionality. Objective: To determine the lifestyles of elderly patients in a Health Center in the Peruvian Andes. Method: Observational, descriptive study with elderly patients from a health center. We worked with a previously collected database. Descriptive statistics were used. The study was approved by the institutional ethics committee. Results: Of the 74 patients evaluated, the mean age was 75.4 years and 52% were females. The mean BMI was 24.8 kg / m2 and that of the abdominal circumference was 86.8 cm. 32.7% had a visual acuity of 70 in the right eye and 36.4% of 50 in the left eye. Glucose (mg / dL), hemoglobin (g / dL) and uric acid (mg / dL) had a median of 97, 15.4 and 7; respectively. Triglycerides and cholesterol had a mean of 182.2 mg / dL and 189.9 mg / dL; respectively. 5.4% of men had reactive PSA. 4% had diabetes, 21.6% hypertension, and 22.2% anemia; while 70.3% consumed alcohol, 6.8% smoked and 89.2% consumed soda. Conclusions: Some indicators of poor lifestyle were found, such as the consumption of alcohol and soft drinks, as well as indicators of conditions related to a poor lifestyle such as an average BMI close to being overweight, high triglycerides and cholesterol.


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