Acute appendicitis in pregnant women: A Case Report

Apendicitis aguda en gestante: Un Reporte de Caso




Appendicits, pregnancy, acute abdomen


Acute appendicitis is the most common pathology from acute abdomen during pregnancy, which hasa difficult diagnosis because of the physiological changes during pregnancy which results in confusingclinical presentations. We reported the case of a multiparous woman of 27 years with 22 3/7 weeksdiagnosed with acute appendicitis, undergoing surgery without complications and with a necrosedappendix that was evidenced through pathological examination. It is important to emphasis the roleof the anamnesis with the physical examination guided by the physiological pregnancy changesrelated to the appendix. A timely diagnosis and treatment with an interdisciplinary approach wouldsignificantly reduce the maternal-fetal risks related to this pathology, the appendix removal and thecontinuation of the pregnancy.


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