Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of bilateral retinoblastoma in children of the national hospital edgardo rebagliati martins (hnerm), institute of neoplastic diseases and clinic oncosalud-auna, Lima-Peru 1999-2016

Características clínicas y epidemiológicas de retinoblastoma bilateral en niños del hospital nacional edgardo rebagliati martins (hnerm), instituto de enfermedades neoplásicas y clínica oncosalud-auna, Lima-Perú 1999-2016


  • Gloria Paredes Guerra
  • Carolina Álvarez
  • Claudio Flores
  • José Portugal
  • Blanca Tirado
  • Solón Serpa


Retinoblastoma, Epidemiological factors, Diagnostic methods, Treatment


ABSTRACT Objective: To describe the main epidemiological factors, methods of diagnosis and treatment of retinoblastoma in children of the Edgardo Rebagliati Martins National Hospital. Methods: A retrospective and descriptive study, clinical histories were reviewed, 25 patients with bilateral retinoblastoma were obtained. Descriptive statistics were used for the presentation and analysis of the results. Results: Predominance in preschoolers and males, leucocoria more frequent sign. Conclusion: In addition to what was mentioned in the results, it is more common diagnosis in advanced stages, most received systemic chemotherapy, more than 50% also focal therapy and 44% preserved unilateral vision. Key words: Retinoblastoma; Epidemiological factors; Diagnostic methods; Treatment. (source: MeSH NLM)




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